Trading Academy Market Outlook

The forex market is more traded than the stock market, accruing a $6.6 trillion turnover daily compared to the latter’s $257 billion. Our market outlook helps you navigate forex trading like a champ while keeping you informed about global market trends concerning commodities, currencies, and indices. It also enables you to understand money market patterns and how to analyze them, which is crucial in making well-informed trading choices.

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Live Trading Sessions

At MarketHunters, we understand that trading is not always a breeze. Getting stuck is normal but avoidable. We promise to hold your hand through it. Join our seasoned experts on our live trading sessions and get the latest trading insights including forex signals, informative trading charts and live rates that will make your experience easier and worthwhile.

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Trading Courses

PesaVilla’s trading academy is an unparalleled one-stop-shop for all your trading needs. Here, we equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to trade like a seasoned trader regardless of your experience level

Our courses are tailor-made to cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced traders. No matter where you are starting from, the following course modules will make it easier for you to trade like a pro.

Forex Trading Basics

Trading can be a bit confusing if you are just starting out. Do you want to learn how to go about it but have no clue where to start? Have you been wondering what forex is and how it works? Well, worry no more, because our forex trading basics course will help you figure that out in the simplest way possible. At PesaVilla, we break down the basics of forex trading to kick you off as a trader and prepare you for success

Commodities Trading

Understanding commodity trading is key to elevating your trading game. Every macro trader knows that being keen is vital to making a successful commodity trade. Why? Because of the subtle differences that exist within the commodity markets. Trends for commodities like gold, silver, oil, and copper keep shifting, and comprehending how and where to position yourself will ultimately make you an exceptional trader.

Fundamentals vs. Technical Analysis

Several factors come into play when determining when and where to trade, hence the need for understanding the fundamental aspects of the money market.
These aspects include global trends such as geopolitical pressures, currency demand and supply, inflation, and weather. Since these factors have the potential to affect the market, it is important to constantly scrutinize them before making an informed decision.
On the other hand, technical analysis is a forex forecast tool that utilizes previously successful trading ideas to develop patterns that help you determine when to open a trade. This course helps you understand when to use either of the analysis models for maximum success.

Advanced Forex Trading

In forex trading, learning never stops. Our advanced forex trading course is a compilation of insights from various experienced and smart trading experts who have been in the game for decades. The secret to becoming like these elite trading wizards is continuously adding to your knowledge and skills in line with the shifting markets. This course equips you with the best tools and techniques to help you develop a winning mindset and excel as a trader.


Do you want to fast track your trading experience under the support of potent and highly successful traders? At PESA Villa, we offer you the opportunity to walk hand in hand and meet face to face with our Trading Gurus. Join our Mentorship Program today for a lifetime transformation in the world of trading.